Our Mission:

We are committed to doing God's will through. . . 

Evangelism - We are a church of evangelism, committed to reaching all people in our community regardless of ethnic background or social status. We make visitors feel welcome and follow up after their visit with various methods of contact. Through our evangelism we will see revival, souls saved and people changed by God's Spirit.

Worship - We are a church of worship, we commit our songs and music to God. Through our worship we welcome the presence of God and allow Him to come into our services to minister and operate as He wills.

Discipleship - We are a church that develops disciples in the Kingdom of God. Through the teaching of God's Word we see spiritual growth and effective use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Leadership - We are a church that develops leaders in the Kingdom of God. Through Bible based training we see our leadership strengthened which improves their involvement and commitment.

Outreach - We are a church that reaches out to our community. Through our outreach we help to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community. We minister in love while introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

As we teach, declare and proclaim God's Word we develop disciples and strong leaders in the Kingdom of God. Our passion for people motivates us to reach all ethnic groups and provide a place to experience the fullness of God. Our goal is to make an impact on our community through spirit led worship and presenting a positive message of faith and prosperity and be a ministry that changes lives.

Our Purpose:

to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Holy Bible, to bring the unsaved to Jesus Christ, to building up and disciple the saved in Christian grace and living, to have a vital part in missions here and abroad, and to strive toward unity with all races for the sake of peace in the Body of Christ.

Calvary Church History

The Pentecostal message first came to the Clio area in the late 1910's. There was no church building, services were held in a brush-arbor. In 1938 a building was built and Mrs. Eva Smith was the first Pastor of Calvary Church. Family and friends still tell the story of how Pastor Eva and her friends would ask for donations for the building. They would walk from house to house asking people to donate whatever they could. Sometimes it would be chickens, eggs, flour, etc. Pastor Eva would sell the donated items and use the money to buy materials that were needed for the church building. When Pastor Eva first began her door to door solicitation for funds, someone asked her what she had so far in donations. Her reply was "only two chickens". (Those two chickens were only worth about $1.00). The person inquiring about Pastor Eva's donations told her that she would never build a church with just two chickens. Thank God she kept on going. Because of her and those that helped her, we have a place to worship our Lord and Savior today.

On June 11, 2023 we celebrated our 85th Anniversary, Praise the Lord!